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What Skin Care Is Best for Me?

As a woman I am just like most out there and find myself overwhelmed by what skin care is best for me. There is so much to choose from and they all sell a good story. I found the wonder of clinic-only skin care (after numerous years of trying the usual supermarket and then more “upmarket” department store skin care). I could not believe the difference in my skin. I will never go back to store bought again.

I guess the way you can determine this difference is that store bought can be bought by anyone even your average 2-year old. This means that it has to have low level vitamins and ingredients that won’t potentially irritate the skin. This actually means that it also won’t change and repair your skin much. Whereas Clinic-Only means you need to have your skin assessed by a professional and “prescribed” the best skin care that is safe and best for you.  Vitamin A for example needs to be potent to change and repair skin but can cause some major irritation if used incorrectly.

So onto the journey of finding what you like best. As I have been in this industry for many years, I have had the privilege of trying many different brands of cosmeceuticals (fancy name for clinic only skin care). I am now a complete fuss pot on what I use.

I have just taken on a new exciting skincare

 range called PCA Skin. At first I was so daunted by the extensiveness of the range. I was used to having only one or two vitamin A choices, one vitamin C choice etc. Now, with PCA Skin, I have a choice of 5 vitamin A’s and multiple choices of cleaners, vitamin C’s, moisturisers and sunscreens. And then there are all the specialty items such as a pigment serum, anti-redness serum, spot acne serum, 3 eye products and more. Phew! The range is so extensive and I was initially thinking of stocking perhaps just a few items. But after attending a full 2-day workshop about the range I decided I just had to offer (almost) everything!! I also had to buy just about everything for myself as I needed it all!

I am so happy: I am now able to offer every client a very specialised regime to follow depending on your individual skin needs. So for example if your skin issue is excess pigmentation then I have the Retinol (vitamin A) product that is perfect for you. Not only does it have a potent, and I really mean potent, form of Retinol, it also has ingredients to inhibit pigmentation. This means you only need one product and not multiple to treat this concern. One of the sunscreens is specific for pigmentation also as it too has inhibiting ingredients in it.

Personally I would not go without Retinol. It is my personal number one skincare must haves well actually that’s a lie, I have would have to say the same for sunscreen! Sunscreen and Retinol are my anti-aging/anti skin-cancer must haves. Having said that I love vitamin B and C also. They all provide different benefits so it is hard for me to not have them all.

To summarise the benefits in a nutshell:
Retinol (vitamin A) – well what can I say. We ALL need vitamin A. It is the ultimate rejuvenator that quietly and powerfully repairs our damaged skin. This means better turnover of skin cells, which improves dullness/acne/aging/sun-damage the list goes on!
Vitamin B – B for balance. This fabulous little vitamin provides protection over your skin cells and also ensuring oil production is not overly excited. Good for almost all skin types but especially those of us whose oil is a little over-abundant and produces too much. Don’t get me wrong, it won’t make you dry so also fabulous for those with dry skin.
Vitamin C – AMAZING antioxidant and works on collagen, colour, capillaries (all start with C so easy to remember)
Sunscreen- Well it seems obvious but I do hear from time to time that we need Vitamin D (from the sunshine) but what is the right amount? Well my personal preference is to never get any on my face as this is exposed all the time and prone to aging.  So if you must expose your arms for example for a short period of time and bam you have your dose of Vitamin D.  Otherwise a sunscreen with a physical blocker is essential.  PCA have several to choose from. Weightless for oily skin, Hydrator plus for dry skin and Perfecting Perfection for pigment prone skin.

So whatever you need there is the perfect regime for all of you.  If you are not sure be sure to book in for a free consult and I can help you decipher what is best for you!

What I have done for this patient is inject a small amount of Botox and 1ml of Juvéderm Ultra non-permanent filler in specific places. As Botox takes days to take effect I always have a follow-up with my patients after two weeks. On the photo that I took at this follow-up you can see that her lips have become slightly fuller and more defined and younger looking. The corners of her mouth have lifted and she also no longer has a dimpling chin. Overall the result is that she looks younger, fresher and happier, and all in a very natural way.

My patient arrived nervous and maybe a little fearful of both the needles and also of the result perhaps looking unnatural. During her two week follow-up visit she commented how much easier and less scary the procedure was than she expected. All up it only took less than an hour and it was pain free because of the anaesthetic that I applied before the treatment. About the result, she commented that nobody had asked her whether she had any ‘work’ done, but she received lots of compliments on how well she looks now. Some people even asked her whether she had just had a holiday!

Needless to say, my patient is really happy with the result. She is even looking forward to her next treatment!

If you feel you could benefit from the same kind of results that this patient has, contact me to book a consultation/treatment.