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At The Skin Department we offer a few different types of peels. They are all superficial peels and can easily be done in your lunch time.

What is a peel?

A peel typically uses a type of acid such as lactic acid or salicylic acid to address fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged clogged pores, pigmentation and acne. They are designed to break down the top layer of skin therefore leaving it fresher and brighter.

What is involved?

First of all, your skin is double cleansed and all evidence of makeup and oil is taken away. Then a light lactic toner is applied to help the peel penetrate better. In the PCA range of peels you will receive a layering effect of different peels depending on your particular skin issue. The PCA peels self-neutralise. We also offer Dermaquest pumpkin peels. After the procedure we apply an appropriate moisturiser and sunscreen. You will typically experience a bit of redness for 20 mins or so and look like you have been for a run and have a radiant shiny glow to your skin. You may experience some dryness or flaky skin over the course of a few days. Generally speaking, you can get back to normal activities straight away. If you are doing a peel for a particular function such as a wedding then we would recommend having a trial peel first so you know how your skin reacts to the peel.