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Dermal/Skin Needling

At The Skin Department we have decided to use the only FDA-cleared skin needling device call the SkinPen. It is also the only medical grade device for skin needling. There are a few reasons why we have chosen this device. The tiny needles are guaranteed to be sharp for 80 minutes. These are very precise and the depth is much more accurate than non-medical grade devices. We can adjust the needle depth for different parts of the face. For example, we can do 1.5mm for the cheeks and 0.25mm for the delicate area under the eye.

Who can have SkinPen?

Every skin type can have SkinPen. It is ideal for aging, acneic and scarred skin. It is also excellent for general skin rejuvenation and prevention of aging. It is particularly good for the eye area upper and lower eyelids as this skin tends to show aging faster here.

Is SkinPen safe?

Skin Pen is one of the safest treatments we offer. Although no treatment is 100% safe, this one comes pretty close.

However, it does pierce the skin so there is a risk of infection. Also, there have been reported cases of nodules with people adding the wrong products post procedure. We will give you the right skin care to look after your skin after your treatment.