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Everything to Know About Profhilo Explained by the Experts
As one of the newest methods of non-surgical skin treatment on the market, Profhilo is a revolutionary skin treatment that is only getting more popular with time. If you’re considering skin care services and are interested in the benefits of Profhilo treatment, then this article is for you! Read on to discover everything you need […]
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The Benefits of Laser for Hyperpigmentation
Our bodies are all unique to one another, but that doesn’t stop certain imperfections and irregularities from diminishing our self-esteem. Despite being an extremely common skin condition, hyperpigmentation still causes insecurities among women all over the world. Below, we explain hyperpigmentation, what causes it, and how those affected can benefit from laser skin rejuvenation. What […]
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Top Cosmetic Treatments Using PRP Therapy
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) has long been recognised for its healing properties used in surgery and sports injury recovery. Today, PRP therapy is becoming an increasingly popular treatment within the realm of cosmetic therapy, as well. Below, we explore the top rejuvenating cosmetic PRP treatments available at The Skin department. Read on to learn about […]
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8 Rejuvenating Reasons to Get a Chemical Peel
Taking care of our skin is one of the best ways we can treat ourselves, especially in the peak of summer. If you’re looking for an excellent treatment to nourish your skin, why not try a chemical face peel? By exfoliating the outermost layers of our skin, a peel can treat a wide range of skin conditions.
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LETS TALK ABOUT PIGMENATION…and…. MELASMA. If you suffer from this pigmentation condition you will definitely want to read on…. Melasma is a chronic skin disorder that results in brownish facial pigmentation. It is the result of a number of differing factors; sun exposure, pregnancy, hormone treatments, certain medications and hypothyroidism. It can be debilitating [...]
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What Skin Care Is Best for Me?
As a woman I am just like most out there and find myself overwhelmed by what skin care is best for me. There is so much to choose from and they all sell a good story. I found the wonder of clinic-only skin care (after numerous years of trying the usual supermarket and then more “[...]
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Quick and Easy Lower Face Refresher
This patient of mine came in as a first timer to appearance procedures. She was nervous about having work done, but felt that over the years her appearance no longer matches what she feels on the inside. She became so unhappy about this that she put aside her fears and came to see me. As [...]
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